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So, who is Johnny?!


First of all, I should state how glad I am that out of the 267+ million websites on the world wide web (true fact!), you decided to visit mine. Surely, that must be fate, no? (Fate or, possibly, you accidentally clicked the wrong link on Google...)

Either way, whatever means and reasons brought you here, I hope we'll be able to work together in one form or another. Whether you're an ESL student looking for lessons, a company that needs copy for the new website you're building, or anything in between, I feel confident that my services can be of use to you.

A bit about my background:

I was born in Poland and came to Vancouver, Canada, when I was just 5 years old. I'm always amazed with how quickly children learn things and I guess I was no exception: within a few short months, I was speaking English on a daily basis.

I was put into the ESL program in my school and by grade 3, had caught up to all the other Canadian children. I feel that the extra information I learned in ESL not only put me at an advantage, it also sparked a passion for the English language that I still have to this day - almost 25 years later!

My own ESL career began in 2005 when I traveled in Asia with 3 friends for over a year, volunteering to teach English to children at many of our stops, including Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia and the Philippines. While I won't go into the details here, the experience was amazing and taught me not only a lot about teaching, but also a lot about myself.

Back in Vancouver the following year I began helping college and high school students with their speaking, grammar, pronunciation and writing and proofreading skills, enjoying the different experience that this provided compared to classroom teaching.

As the last few years went by and I made a difference in more and more students' lives, I realized that this was something I would love to do much more regularly and perhaps turn into a business. As a result, JohnnyEnglish.ca was born!

I decided to start this website to have one central area where I could showcase all my services, post my ESL blog and, hopefully, have some of my students come together and interact more with both me and each other.

If there's anything you need whatsoever, please do not hesitate to ask. I look forward to working with you!

Johnny K

BA in English (Simon Fraser University)

Advanced TESOL Certificate (Global TESOL College)