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Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, BC, Canada)

2008: Bachelor of Fine Arts (BA) in English Literature

2006: Certificate of Liberal Arts

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Global TESOL College (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

2004: Advanced TESOL Certificate with a specialization in teaching children

Social Shopper

When I got the gig writing for SocialShopper in January 2011, I was beyond ecstatic. You mean I can write whatever random, weird, hilarious thing pops into my head -- and get paid for it?! Sweet!

Below are some of my favorites that I have written for them so far:

Tru-Valu Optical

Coquitlam Washworld

SIR Modern Barbershop

BeFresh Salon & Spa

Muse Salon & Spa

UQ Events

Writing for UQ Events was a fun experience as it got me pretty focused on writing AND gave me the opportunity to see a bunch of great shows (concerts, plays, etc) in the Vancouver area.

Here are a few of my reviews:

"Nevermore: The end of the attitude that musicals are crap!"

"No doubt about it… No Doubt still rocks!"

"Sam Bradley / The Darcys / The Get Down at Richard's on Richards"

"This Boogie is For Real"

Property Descriptions

A client contacted me to write a description for her and her husband's beautiful new vacation rental suite, which they are currently using for advertising purposes on several websites. They asked for it to be enticing, energetic and descriptive, so this is what I came up with.

Newspaper Publications

Shocked with the amount I had to pay extra in Ticketmaster "convenience" fees for a concert I went to, I sat down and wrote a well-researched rant about the experience. Now that I had it down on paper (well, hard disk, really), I figured I might as well shop it around by sending it to every editor of every local newspaper I could think of.

While it is no suprise that most ignored me, a few wrote back with advice and Ed Moriarty, the Editor-in-Chief of The Province, shocked me by writing back to say he loved it and would actually run it in the "Opinions" section of the paper the next day!

You can find a scanned copy of the article as it originally appeared in The Province right here.