Editing Services


Even if the essay (or business proposal, cover letter, etc) you've written is a masterpiece filled with brilliant ideas, it will never have the full desired effect if your reader is constantly tripping over grammatical mistakes, poor word choices, spelling errors and the like. In general, the smoother the written word flows, the easier it is for readers to understand the author and connect with his or her ideas.

With my detail-oriented proofreading, I will rapidly go through your work, keeping as much of your original voice, vocabulary and ideas as possible, while making enough changes for it to be clear and have maximum impact. This final step can easily make the difference between a "B" and "A" grade, or a potential employer who hires you or moves onto someone else.

Web Site Review

I'm often shocked with the amount of errors I find in print, whether it be books, magazines, newspapers, websites, advertising, or anything else. While most of them are relatively minor, some are embarrassingly obvious.

Therefore, if you are a business or professional attempting to attract a market, you must have a professional image - plain and simple. A website with jarring spelling mistakes right on the homepage can be an instant turnoff for potential customers and clients, who see it as amateur and incompetent.

To save your from this fate, I will go through every word of every page of your site (or book, brochure, etc) to ensure it is 100% polished and presentable.