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Lesson of the Day
Lesson of the Day


Thanks a lot! You did an amazing job and I appreciate it that you left my kind of writing style untouched. How is it possible to do this without ruining the original one?"

I hired Johnny as my English tutor in 2008. According to my English learning experience with him, I feel he is a very friendly, patient and experienced English teacher. All of my English skills have been greatly improved with Johnny. I cannot recommend it enough!

In 2007 I hired Johnny as a tutor to improve my English essays and writing skills in general. He worked hard to help me improve the structure and content of my papers at university, being always very patient and understanding of my own needs and individual difficulties. English is my second language, so Johnny took the time and dedication to help me develop my writing skills from a cultural sensitive point of view.

As a result, I was able to improve the quality of my writing and my grades went from a B- average to an A! Johnny’s tutoring was always characterized for his great work ethics, and his professional concern for my progress. I thank him for helping me graduate last semester and I highly recommend him as a tutor.

I remember that you are the best tutor in the world... no joking. Actually, your help was very good for me, and it increased my grades so much. I remember that when I met you the very first time at Starbucks to get your help with my long assignment, you were very kind and patient with my lower English skills. At that time already, I so impressed with you.

I then introduced to you my son, Brian, who needed some help for English 12. He was also very delighted with your great teaching skills. Indeed, you are the best tutor. Hopefully, you will be successful in your business.